Our Special Rescue Teams

Kingsport Life Saving Crew responds to any and all emergencies within Sullivan County that the team is requested. The individual teams that make up the KLSC Special Teams are High Angle/Confined Space Team, the Trench/Structural Collapse Team and the Water Rescue Team. The special teams at Kingsport Life Saving Crew are also members of the Tennessee Homeland Security District 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR). The USAR equipment is stored in a 53' enclosed trailer with a 30' enclosed trailer set up for logisitcal supplies. 

High Angle/ Confined Space Team

The high angle/ rope rescue team provides rescue of any person that is in a high angle or requiring vertical movement or within an OSHA defined Confined Space environment. The team also handles the search and resuce of any lost or missing person as well as leading the wide area search of victims in case of wide spread disaster. The team stores their equipment on an enclosed 30' trailer and also includes 3 Kawasaki UTVs and a Honda ATV.

Trench/ Structural Collapse

The trench/ structural collapse team operates in situations that include location and removal of victims in an underground collapse involving trenches or excavations. This can include where the victim is trapped or pinned by heavy equipment, pipe, or different types of soil. The team equipment is stored in a 30' foot trailer and has a truck to pull it. Team members are required by departmental procedure to possess a Tennessee CDL to drive this equipment. 

Water Rescue

The water/ dive resuce team was created to respond to any water related search, rescue, or recovery to provide specialized training and equipment to more safely accomplish the tasks. Some of these responses can be to locate and recover a lost person in one of the area lakes, or assist in search and recovery of evidence for local law enforcement agencies. The team also responds to areas for mutal aid assistance within the state, as well as neighboring communities across state lines. The team also provides standby at any event in or near the water. 

To help the team perform their job more effectively we have 3 flat bottom boats, 2 pontoon boats, and inflatable Zodiak boat, and a jet ski. The boats designed for initial search are equipped with the latest on board SONAR units. A towable JW Fishers Side-Scan Sonar was purchased with homeland security grants years ago and the team just recently purchased an underwater ROV through local donations specifically set up for the purchase.