The History of Our Crewettes

From L-R: Barbara Flanary, Judy Smith, Claudia Arnold, Sherry Sexton, Karen Reed, Sherrie Miller, Wilma Redwine, and Sandy Laughlin 

The Kingsport Crewettes were founded in May 1957 as the women's auxiliary of the Kingsport Lifesaving Crew. The Kingsport Crewettes are affiliated with the Kingsport Lifesaving Crew but are a separate and independent organization. The founding members were wives and mothers of the crew members who volunteered to supply and serve food to the rescue workers on extended search operations. Today, it is not necessary to be related to a KLSC member to become a Crewette. Now anyone can submit an application for membership and be voted on by the active Crewette memebers. 

The Kingsport Crewettes were one of the founding memebers of WATARS, an organization that consists of Crewette organizations from all across the state of Tennessee. Several Crewette members have held regional and state-wide offices in WATARS over the years to support that organization's mission of participating in expanded emergency service call outs. 

Members of the Kingsport Crewettes have varying levels of first aid training from CPR to nurses. All active Crewette memebers are Co-Op members of the Kingsport Lifesaving Crew. Additionally, the Crewettes take an active role in the community by participating in community service projects. This includes making donations and volunteering with such agencies as the Salvation Army, Hunger First, homeless shelters, women's shelters, community food kitchens, Ronald McDonald house, and aiding needy families in the community.